Locomotive models

In 2021 I started collecting OO gauge rolling stock with a view to building a small layout based on a wagon works. Here are some pics of the locomotives. The period being modelled is the early 1970s, pre-TOPS. All locos are DCC with sound, and have been weathered and renumbered where necessary. Kadee couplings have been fitted to facilitate hands-off uncoupling.

TypeClass 03
Catalogue ref31-362 (Class 03)
33-335 (Conflat)
Original running number03066
New running number2078
Bought fromeBay
DecoderZimo MS480F (6-pin harness plus stay-alive)
SpeakerSugarcube 15x11x09
Sound fileDigitrains ZS03P
Bachmann Class 03
TypeClass 08
Catalogue refR3342 (Class 08)
Original running number08489
New running number3571
Bought fromeBay
DecoderHornby TTS
Sound fileHornby TTS
Hornby Class 08
TypeClass 20
Catalogue ref30-047 (Whiskies Galore set)
Original running numberD8123
New running number8075
Bought fromRails Of Sheffield
DecoderESU Loksound 5 (21-pin, factory-fitted)
SpeakerAlzSoundz 40x20x07 (replacement)
Sound fileFactory sound (South West Digital)
Bachmann Class 20 (green)
TypeClass 20
Catalogue refN/A
Original running number20124
New running number8115
Bought fromBachmann (body)
eBay (chassis)
DecoderZimo MX644D (21-pin)
SpeakerYouChoos twin ice-cube 28x18x07
Sound fileDigitrains
Bachmann Class 20 (blue)
TypeClass 24
Catalogue ref32-444SF
Original running number24137
New running number5146
Bought fromRails Of Sheffield
DecoderZimo MX644C (21-pin, factory-fitted)
SpeakerYouChoos twin sugarcube 24x15x07 (replacement)
Sound fileFactory sound
Bachmann Class 24
TypeClass 27
Catalogue ref2711
Running number5373
Bought fromHereford Model Centre
DecoderZimo MX645R (8-pin harness)
SpeakerYouChoos twin sugarcube 24x15x07
Sound fileDigitrains
Heljan Class 27