Pleck - Round Oak

The following photos show scenes on the section of line between Pleck Jct and Round Oak. The line closed in March 1993, and the photos are arranged in a "before and after" format. Most of the "before" photos were taken around 1988-1993, in the last few years before closure. The first set of "after" shots were taken circa 2004-2006, around a decade after closure. In many cases it turned out that there was a limited window of opportunity in which to take these "after closure" shots. It's often the case that vegetation eventually takes over to such an extent that a meaningful picture is no longer available. A shot with nothing in view other than scrub or trees which shows no sign of railway infrastructure, or even the alignment, is of little value.

However in 2017 some vegetation clearance and track removal work commenced at various locations south of Wednesbury. This was done to facilitate surveying work in preparation for the eventual use of the trackbed for trams. This clearance work opened up a number of spots for photographs once more, although it also involved the removal of the track, leaving only the alignment itself, plus bridges and tunnels.

The locations are arranged in geographical sequence, starting at the northern end of the line and working south. Apologies in advance if you find the later pictures depressing.

Between Bescot Curve Jct and Pleck Jct

Wood Green (Wednesbury)

Ridding Lane (Wednesbury), looking north

Ridding Lane (Wednesbury), looking south

Potters Lane (Wednesbury)

Brunswick Sidings (Wednesbury)

Junction with Princes End branch (Wednesbury)

Golds Hill

Eagle Crossing (Great Bridge)

New Road (Great Bridge)

Horseley Heath

Dudley Port

Coneygree (Tipton)

Blowers Green (Dudley)

Pedmore Road (Dudley), looking north

Pedmore Road (Dudley), looking south

Mileage table
Location Miles and chains Miles (decimal) Miles and chains Miles (decimal)
Walsall 0-00 0.00    
Pleck Jct 0-65 0.81    
    Bescot Jct     0-00 0.00
Bescot Curve Jct 1-37 1.46 0-26 0.33
Wednesbury 3-03 3.04 1-72 1.90
Great Bridge 4-06 4.08 2-75 2.94
Dudley 6-29 6.36 5-18 5.23
Round Oak 9-05 9.06 7-74 7.93
Kingswinford Jct 10-16 10.20 9-05 9.06
Stourbridge Jct 12-46 12.58 11-35 11.44