Diesel shunters in transit through Bescot

The long distance movement of shunting locos

Until the early 1990s shunting locos that were transferred between depots or visited railway works for overhaul would normally make these journeys by rail. In a few cases locos might be driven under their own power, but normally they'd be conveyed dead in freight trains or occasionally hauled dead as special trains.

As Bescot was a major marshalling yard, and positioned in central England, many locos would pass through the yard during these transit moves. For example a shunt loco going from, say, Tinsley to Swindon Works might move in a freight from Tinsley to Toton, then another from Toton to Bescot, thence from Bescot to Gloucester, and finally Gloucester to Swindon. Locos could spend anything from a few hours to a few days at Bescot between arrival and departure, which gave a sporting chance of seeing them for anyone who visited regularly and knew where in the yard to look.

08774, 08114 and 08396 in Bescot Down Storage Sidings
08774 (Thornaby), 08114 (Doncaster) and 08396 (Kingmoor) stand in Bescot Down Storage Sidings in Spring 1980. All three had recently been released from Swindon Works and arrived as a special freight, the brake-van of which is still attached.

In some cases, where a number of shunt locos needed to make the same move at around the same time a special train might be run, consisting of anything from two to four locos, plus the obligatory brake-van. The most common example of that type of train involved locos returning from Swindon Works to the Midlands and the North. If the locos were headed in different directions, say north-west depots like Crewe or Allerton and north-east depots like York or Healey Mills, the incoming train would be split at Bescot and the locos forwarded individually in regular freights. If all the locos in the batch were headed in the same direction they might continue north as a special train, usually after a recess at Bescot. But this was very much the exception, because in practise the chance of three or four locos all heading the same way was small.

The movement of shunt locos by rail tailed off in the late 80s and early 90s as the number of locos in traffic diminished, and the type of trains that they were conveyed in disappeared from the network. The first movements by road had started by the early 90s, and the first one to/from Bescot that I know of took place in 1993. After that date the only chance of seeing a new shunter on rails at Bescot was when one was transferred in, or very occasionally roaded in for maintenance. Many would continue to pass by on transit moves, but now they would be conveyed by lorry on the adjacent M6.

Shunting locos known to have passed through Bescot in transit

The list below includes diesel shunters that passed Bescot while in transit by rail. It doesn't include locos passing on the motorway, for which I suspect no useful data exists anywhere. Some of the locos in this list were allocated to Bescot at various points in their lives, but they're only included here if they also passed in transit while allocated to another depot at an earlier or later date, in other words transfers-in and out are excluded. However locos which were allocated to Bescot at some other point in their history are indicated in yellow.

08100 at Bescot
08100 leaves Bescot in the middle of a freight train that was powered by 24063. This shot dates from 1979, and I think the shunter was still a Doncaster loco at the time, although it was transferred to March later that year. It's heading home in a train that started in the Down Local Sidings, which is why it's leaving via the Up & Down Loop.

The dates shown for locos in transit comes mostly from my own records, and the date given is that of my first sighting. In practise the loco may have arrived a day or two prior to the given date, and it may have lingered for a few days after that date. Transiting locos often visited more than once, those going to works for overhaul would usually appear on both their outbound and return journeys. Some locos also visited works multiple times during their lives, and could therefore rack up as many as five or six transits through Bescot over a number of years. In contrast locos being re-allocated, or going for scrap, might only pass once.

My own records only go back as far as October 1976. Hence the data for transiting locos given here is incomplete, although it does cover the whole Swindon era. There were no doubt many shunt loco moves in the 1950s and 1960s, probably increasing in number as the fleet grew in size. By the 1960s some of the first diesel shunters were already going for scrap. Many were dealt with at Cashmore's in Great Bridge, and it's likely that a lot of those made their final journeys via Bescot. Unfortunately I was too young to have seen any of that activity, and therefore have no personal records to use here. In the early 1970s shunt locos were going to Derby Works for overhaul, and many from South Wales and the West Country locos made this journey via Bescot. I did see many of these, but again have no extant records. In practise quite a few of the Derby-bound locos will have re-appeared at later dates and may feature in the list below, but others won't.

In 1977 shunt locos started going to Swindon Works for overhaul, a practise that continued until its closure in 1986. Many were being fitted with train air-brakes while undergoing general overhauls, but others were going to Swindon to be scrapped. The early 80s, in particular, was a feverish period for shunt loco movements. There could be as many as three or four a week heading through Bescot to Swindon from all points north. Only about half of them returned, and those which had been air-fitted didn't always go back to the same depot that they came from. In the latter case this included Western Region locos, mainly from South Wales, making one-way transits to new homes in the north.

After Swindon Works closed shunter overhauls were undertaken by Derby Works from late 1986 until April 1988, and then Crewe Works for the next couple of years. As a result it was primarily locos from South Wales and the South West that passed through Bescot, a reversion to the traffic pattern that existed in the earlier Derby era. However Derby and Crewe now turned out locos in the new sectorisation-era grey liveries, rather than the BR blue used by Swindon, and the drastic decline in the number of shunting locos meant that transiting locos were much less common than had previously been the case.

In essence my own records only really cover the Swindon and later Derby/Crewe eras - effectively late 1976 to the early 1990s when movements by rail ceased. Nonetheless the list below, incomplete as it is, still contains hundreds of locos. If nothing else it serves to illustrate the sheer volume of these movements. The list includes only one visit per loco, although a good proportion of the locos included here would have transited at least twice, with a smaller number racking up three or more visits. It's therefore reasonable to conclude that in the post-1976 era there would have been at least a thousand transits. It's not unreasonable to imagine that the pre-1976 era could have seen a similar number, so the entire diesel shunter era might have seen a couple of thousand of these movements. And that's just through Bescot, there will of course have been countless similar moves taking place elsewhere in the country.

Although my notes usually didn't record the journey that each loco was making it is possible in many cases to ascertain this information retrospectively, so where possible I've added it.

This page is a work in progress, some of the data recorded here is sketchy, and it's not yet finished.

Diesel shunters passing through Bescot in transit (largely data from October 1976 onwards)
030211983-01-11Gateshead to Swindon Works
030221983-01-12Gateshead to Swindon Works
030611980-12-10Gateshead to Swindon Works
030731985-11-22York to Chester/Birkenhead
Arrived in 9G15 Toton-Bescot behind 47128 on 22nd (SM).
030791983-09-23Gateshead to Eastleigh
En-route to the Isle of Wight
030801981-02-24Darlington to Swindon Works
031111980-12-12Gateshead to Swindon Works
03151Summer 1974Hull Botanic Gardens to Landore
For use on the BPGV
03152Summer 1974Hull Botanic Gardens to Landore
For use on the BPGV
031701985-09-26Birkenhead to Swindon Works
The last Class 03 to be overhauled at Swindon
031891986-08-07Birkenhead to Norwich
031961982-07-22Birkenhead to Swindon Works
060021981-09-30Dundee to Reading
080041985-03-21Thornaby to Swindon Works
080081985-03-21Gateshead to Swindon Works
080151980-10-14Tinsley to Swindon Works
080161978-11-04Newton Heath to Swindon Works
080181979-07-31Toton to Swindon Works
080211979-04-18Toton to Swindon Works
080231978-06-16Chester to Swindon Works
080361978-05-26crewe loco, on loan to ED 8/78, then Crewe 12/78; at sw 17/3/79; to WN 3/79; at sw ex-works 25/3/79
080371980-08-27Burton to Swindon Works
080431978-03-29Burton to Swindon Works
080471980-05-31Wath to Swindon Works
080491981-05-28Wath to Swindon Works
080501982-05-06Wath to Swindon Works
080531981-04-15Thornaby to Swindon Works
080541978-09-25Gateshead to Swindon Works
080591980-10-10Thornaby to Swindon Works
080601985-04-12Lincoln to Swindon Works
080621978-08-15York to Swindon Works
080671979-07-26Saltley to Swindon Works
alloc BS 1980?
1979-12-13Crewe to Swindon Works
080751982-02-23Shirebrook to Swindon Works
080761981-01-12Immingham to Swindon Works
080781979-07-18Chester to Swindon Works
080791979-04-10Chester to Swindon Works
080801981-02-22Crewe to Swindon Works
080811980-06-23Gateshead to Swindon Works
080841981-03-02Newton Heath to Swindon Works
080851979-06-04Swindon Works to Gateshead
080871980-03-15Gateshead to Swindon Works
080911980-07-20St Blazey to Healey Mills
080931980-06-27Frodingham to Swindon Works
080951985-03-25March to Swindon Works
080971981-04-25Healey Mills to Swindon Works
080981980-12-03Healey Mills to Swindon Works
081001979-01-31Doncaster to Swindon Works
081031977-07-16in derby wks 7/5/77
081051980-01-09Kingmoor to Swindon Works
081061979-04-12Kingmoor to Swindon Works
081071979-09-07Kingmoor to Swindon Works
081091981-03-14Swindon Works to Darlington?
081121983-02-08Crewe to Swindon Works
081141980-02-10Doncaster to Swindon Works
081201982-05-16Darlington to Swindon Works
081231979-11-16Crewe to Swindon Works
081251983-02-07Crewe to Swindon Works
081271980-10-07Gateshead to Swindon Works
081281980-10-22Doncaster to Swindon Works
081301983-04-14Allerton to Swindon Works
081311977-08-18Doncaster to Swindon Works
081321979-08-29Crewe to Swindon Works
081331980-11-14Lincoln to Swindon Works
081341979-11-26Swindon Works to Saltley
081361979-11-15Swindon Works to Doncaster
081371979-11-21Lincoln to Swindon Works
081421980-02-01Derby to Swindon Works
081461978-12-01Doncaster to Swindon Works
081491981-03-14Swindon to Etches Park
081501985-03-21Thornaby to Swindon Works
081531978-05-05Swindon Works to Chester
Arrived in convoy with 08300 and 08856
081591980-07-03Darlington to Swindon Works
081611980-06-09Swindon Works to Darlington
081621980-10-10Healey Mills to Swindon Works
081651980-09-11Botanic Gardens to Swindon Works
081681980-01-25Botanic Gardens to Swindon Works
081691980-02-26York to Swindon Works
081741981-09-30Thornaby to Swindon Works
081801981-06-12Shirebrook to Swindon Works
081811980-02-07Longsight to Swindon Works ??? In wks 1/12/79, not there Xmas 79, there 16/2/80
08182Late 1976/early 1977 (exact date lost)Derby Works to Saltley
081831978-11-15on LN 9/1/79 ex Sleaford
081841981-07-01Doncaster to Swindon Works
081851981-10-05Bath Road to Thornaby
081921982-11-24Motherwell to Swindon Works
081971978-09-27Shirebrook to Swindon Works
081991976-11-02Cricklewood to Saltley (?)
082001981-06-24Swindon Works to Darlington
082061980-08-18Swindon Works to Healey Mills
082101980-06-14Frodingham to Swindon Works
082121979-04-05Thornaby to Swindon Works
082141978-04-20Shirebrook to Swindon Works
082151978-10-27Thornaby to Swindon Works
082201978-03-29Swindon Works to Crewe
082221978-03-30Crewe to Swindon Works
082231979-05-02Tinsley to Swindon Works
082251980-11-14Darlington to Swindon Works
082311981-07-11Thornaby to Swindon Works
082351984-07-28Bletchley to Ashburys
Thence Doncaster Works a short while afterwards
082421982-06-10Lincoln to Swindon Works
082431978-08-10Neville Hill to Swindon Works
082451981-09-07Swindon Works to Neville Hill
082471981-06-25Doncaster to Swindon Works
082491979-06-14York to Swindon Works
082511980-10-15Thornaby to Swindon Works
082521981-09-??York to Swindon Works
082531980-09-10Botanic Gardens to Swindon Works
082601981-03-14Swindon Works to Tinsley
082651978-12-04Swindon Works to Springs Branch
082661985-06-07Shirebrook to Swindon Works
082711982-04-02Dunfermline Townhill to Swindon Works
082831979-02-20Longsight to Swindon Works
082841980-03-26in 4wk end 19/04; out may
082851980-10-06in Aug; out 21/09 to 25/10, not present 29/10
082891978-12-15Crewe to Swindon Works
082901982-12-01Allerton to Swindon Works
082911979-01-15Allerton to Swindon Works
082931978-06-10Toton to Swindon Works
082961978-06-06Allerton to Swindon Works
082971979-03-12Springs Branch to Swindon Works
082981979-11-27Longsight to Swindon Works
082991978-01-13at Swindon Works 25/10/77
083001978-05-05Swindon Works to Allerton
Arrived in convoy with 08153 and 08856
083011982-07-28Springs Branch to Swindon Works
In convoy with 08265, 08472 and 08615
083021978-08-17Springs Branch to Swindon Works
083041978-12-18Swindon Works to Springs Branch
083051979-12-07Healey Mills to Swindon Works
083061978-05-19York to Swindon Works
Healey Mills loco
083071978-05-18York to Swindon Works
Healey Mills loco
083081979-03-29Healey Mills to Swindon Works
083091980-07-10Knottingley to Swindon Works
083251984-11-05Gateshead to Swindon Works
083281982-05-19Allerton to Swindon Works
083291978-10-11Crewe to Swindon Works
083301978-07-20Toton to Swindon Works
083321978-08-31Toton to Swindon Works
083331985-01-05Derby to Swindon Works
083341978-02-14Swindon Works to Toton
083361981-07-02York to Swindon Works
083421983-04-15Springs Branch to Swindon Works
083551978-03-29Swindon Works to Springs Branch
083571978-12-??Immingham to Swindon Works
083671979-06-11Swindon Works to Margam
Sent north in error if I recall correctly
083741984-07-28Bletchley to Ashburys
Thence Doncaster Works a short while afterwards
083761982-04-01Selhurst to Springs Branch
083821979-08-08Crewe to Swindon Works
083851982-04-02Ashford to Springs Branch
083881989-03-22In Crewe Works 7/5/89
08390 alloc BS?1978-05-12Crewe to Swindon Works
083921980-09-18arrive 3 wks end 20/9
083931978-12-15Immingham to Swindon Works
083951979-05-11Crewe to Swindon Works
083961979-12-11Kingmoor to Swindon Works
083971979-05-04Frodingham to Swindon Works
083991978-04-18Toton to Swindon Works
084011978-06-16Doncaster to Swindon Works
084051978-09-26Immingham to Swindon Works
084071989-01-12At CR 31/12/88 in blue, no rods. At BS in grey 04/88. At SF in grey 1989. see also 08460
084111986-04-05Swindon to Thornaby
Depot transfer, not ex-works
084151985-04-23Swindon Works to Allerton
084161982-11-22Swindon Works to Crewe
084191983-06-30Swindon Works to Kingmoor
084211982-08-15Motherwell to Swindon Works
084221986-07-06Marylebone to Bescot
Via Willesden and Bletchley, destined eventually for Bird's at Long Marston
084231983-03-26Springs Branch to Swindon Works
084281985-03-01 (SM)?
Arrived in 8G12 Ashburys - Bescot behind 25279 on 1st (SM)
Departed in 8M45 Bescot - Ashburys via Toton behind 25181 on 4th (SM)
084291979-08-11Shirebrook to Swindon Works
084311980-03-07Allerton to Swindon Works
084321980-10-24Hammerton St to Swindon Works
084341980-03-22in 4 wk end 19/04; out may
084361980-09-26Immingham to Swindon Works
084391978-10-17Immingham to Swindon Works
084401981-04-09Botanic Gardens to Swindon Works
084441978-11-10Doncaster to Swindon Works
084471983-04-19Glasgow Works to Swindon Works
084501979-07-04Kingmoor to Swindon Works
084521985-10-18Thornton Jct to Swindon Works
Several month journey via Berwick, York and Healey Mills
084531980-10-08York to Swindon Works
084561980-03-02Derby to Swindon Works
084601989-01-12At Ipswich Aug 88. At CR 06/08/89 in grey. see also 08407
084611980-02-07Swindon Works to Saltley
084621983-03-22Swindon Works to Derby
084631978-11-14Allerton to Swindon Works
084641982-05-19Allerton to Swindon Works
084671978-07-18Saltley to Swindon Works
084681980-07-30Crewe to Swindon Works
084691983-02-09Crewe to Swindon Works
084701979-10-25Crewe to Swindon Works
084711980-05-20Leicester to Swindon Works
084721982-07-28Springs Branch to Swindon Works
In convoy with 08265, 08301 and 08615
084731979-04-30Swindon Works to Crewe
084751979-11-18Newton Heath to Swindon Works
084761983-08-26Dunfermline Townhill to Swindon Works
084771980-05-03Longsight to Swindon Works
08482Circa 1987-07-01
084891981-08-10Transfer in?
084901978-12-04Swindon Works to Chester
084921978-06-09Swindon Works to Tinsley
Arrived Bescot in convoy with 08916, 08737 and 08222
084951985-10-05Swindon Works to Cambridge
084971978-04-25Holbeck to Swindon Works
084981982-03-19Hammerton St to Swindon Works
084991978-06-26Holbeck to Swindon Works
085001983-03-11Hammerton St to Swindon Works
085011979-07-03Hammerton St to Swindon Works
085021979-04-26Thornaby to Swindon Works
085031978-09-22Holbeck to Swindon Works
085041981-05-20Swindon Works to Thornaby
085061979-12-09Darlington to Swindon Works
085081978-06-15Immingham to Swindon Works
085151982-09-13Motherwell to Swindon Works
085161979-01-30Gateshead to Swindon Works
085171979-12-01Hammerton St to Swindon Works
085231978-03-10Tinsley to Swindon Works
085241979-08-02Newton Heath to Swindon Works
085251979-06-04Swindon Works to York
08528Circa 1989-08-11
08530Circa 1990-10-26. Ex-Crewe date?
085341979-03-20Allerton to Swindon Works
085351984-12-13in sw 27/8/83
085361983-11-04in sw 10 wk end 31/12/83
085371978-09-19Immingham to Swindon Works
085381980-03-30Tinsley to Swindon Works
085391978-03-19Tinsley to Swindon Works
085401980-12-09Swindon Works to York
085431979-07-18Tinsley to Swindon Works
085591979-11-28York to Swindon Works
085601981-07-26Shirebrook to Swindon Works
085621982-02-25Heaton to Swindon Works
Gateshead loco
085651982-03-04Kingmoor to Swindon Works
Haymarket loco
085671980-04-02Botanic Gardens to Swindon Works
085681985-01-21Motherwell to Swindon Works
085691979-06-01Newton Heath to Swindon Works
085701984-10-04Swindon Works to Haymarket
085711985-03-15Swindon Works to Haymarket
085741978-04-26Healey Mills to Swindon Works
085751985-05-22Eastfield to Swindon Works
085771984-01-19Swindon Works to Gateshead
085791978-07-21Healey Mills to Swindon Works
085801985-05-30Swindon Works to Cambridge
085821982-07-27Swindon Works to Doncaster
085861983-04-13Swindon Works to Haymarket
085911984-03-30Swindon Works to Ayr
085971980-06-19Swindon Works to Saltley
085981980-11-12Derby to Swindon Works
086011980-05-01Kingmoor to Swindon Works
086021979-10-03Longsight to Swindon Works
086031984-04-13Transfer-in?. Re-instated to BS 5/2/84 ex sw, was CW
086041979-05-24at sw 16/6/80
086071978-11-17Doncaster to Swindon Works
086081979-11-27Thornaby to Swindon Works
086091978-09-29Leicester to Swindon Works
086101978-05-06Toton to Swindon Works
086111982-07-27Longsight to Swindon Works
086151982-07-28Springs Branch to Swindon Works
In convoy with 08265, 08301 and 08472
086161980-09-02Springs Branch to Swindon Works
086171981-12-08Toton to Swindon Works
086181980-10-02Leicester to Swindon Works
086191981-10-23Leicester to Swindon Works
086201982-12-02Inverness to Swindon Works
086231985-02-25Derby to Swindon Works
086241984-10-01Newton Heath to Swindon Works
086251980-01-18Derby to Swindon Works
086261981-02-16in sw xmas 1980
086281984-07-26in sw 23/1/82 and 23/6/83, not in sw 19/8/84
086301983-02-01Swindon Works to Grangemouth
086311985-05-29Springs Branch (?) to Swindon Works
086321983-08-23Thornaby to Swindon Works
086331985-03-15Swindon Works to Chester
086351979-11-16Crewe to Saltley (tfr 11/79)
08638Late 76/early 77
086431990-06-10Bath Road to Crewe Works
086461989-04-08 to Crewe Works
086471982-02-25Saltley to Swindon Works
08648Circa 1989-09-05
086491989-06-27 1989-10-20 1990-04-01At Glos 26/3/90.
086511990-04-01Glos? to Crewe Works
Second sighting, first time in lost book. At Glos 12/3/90 and 26/3/90.
086571981-05-20Swindon Works to York
086591982-06-26Swindon Works to Healey Mills
086651980-04-23Swindon Works to Chester
086661983-01-28Swindon Works to Toton
086671985-01-29Bletchley to Swindon Works
086691982-04-14Allerton to Swindon Works
086701979-06-19at sw 23/1/82
086711981-10-27Swindon Works to Gateshead
086751979-02-16Newton Heath to Swindon Works
086761980-01-25Newton Heath to Swindon Works
086771980-09-05Newton Heath to Swindon Works
086781982-06-15Tinsley to Swindon Works
086801982-12-13Swindon Works to Aberdeen
086831995-09-15Transfer in
086851985-04-12Derby to Swindon Works
086861981-01-09Longsight to Swindon Works
086871982-02-25Longsight to Swindon Works
086891981-10-05Swindon Works to Allerton
086901982-05-18Allerton to Swindon Works
086911984-09-27Springs Branch to Swindon Works
086921985-06-27Swindon Works to Tyseley
086931984-01-04Eastfield to Swindon Works
With 08712
086961982-06-25Derby to Swindon Works
086991985-05-30Swindon Works to Crewe
087011980-11-22Crewe to Swindon Works
087021984-10-11Bletchley to Swindon Works
087051980-06-19at yk 26/4/80; at yk 1/3/81 tatty; at yk 11/4/81, at sw 5/6/81
087061983-04-13Healey Mills to Swindon Works
087071978-12-04York to Swindon Works
087081981-01-23Gateshead to Swindon Works
087092003-04-30Quick visit from Rugby (by road) for maintenance.
087101984-02-07Aberdeen to Swindon Works
087111984-12-20Haymarket to Swindon Works
087121984-01-04Dunfermline Townhill to Swindon Works
With 08693
087131977-11-04March to Swindon Works
087141984-12-20Haymarket to Swindon Works
087171983-07-29Swindon Works to Inverness
087181983-06-21Haymarket to Swindon Works
087191982-08-23Dunfermline Townhill to Swindon Works
087201981-07-21Haymarket to Swindon Works
087211985-04-12Eastfield to Swindon Works
087251982-06-07Kingmoor to Swindon Works
Haymarket loco, moved to Swindon in convoy with 25082 and 40062
087261981-01-13Dunfermline Townhill to Swindon Works
087281981-01-20Inverness to Swindon Works
087291979-05-09Tinsley to Swindon Works
087311983-06-21Motherwell to Swindon Works
The original 08731, re-numbered 08572 and scrapped at Swindon
087321982-09-29Haymarket to Swindon Works
087331983-08-19Eastfield to Swindon Works
087341981-06-02Swindon Works to Doncaster
087361981-06-24Swindon Works to Eastfield
087371978-06-09Swindon Works to Crewe
Arrived Bescot in convoy with 08492, 08916 and 08222
087391983-10-12Crewe to Swindon Works
087411980-02-25at Toton 4/10/80; at sw 2/2/80
087441980-09-23Springs Branch to Swindon Works
087461980-07-31Holyhead to Swindon Works
087471979-07-21Gateshead to Swindon Works
087481980-12-04Neville Hill to Swindon Works
087491982-10-03Tinsley to Swindon Works
087561991-08-08Crewe Works to Landore
087571980-04-10Toton to Swindon Works
087591981-08-04Kingmoor to Swindon Works
087661981-07-26Hammerton St to Swindon Works
087691982-01-19in sw 26/11/80
087701981-01-10Thornaby to Swindon Works
087711982-12-13in 4wk end 28/08; in sw 23/6/83 unclass (rectif?)
087721983-02-11Thornaby to Swindon Works
087731980-01-17at sw 2/2/80
087741980-02-29Thornaby to Swindon Works
087751982-08-16Gateshead to Swindon Works
087761981-01-30Botanic Gardens to Swindon Works
087771979-03-01Botanic Gardens to Swindon Works
087821982-06-11Tinsley to Swindon Works
087841983-01-03out sw mar 85
087861983-01-19Saltley to Swindon Works
087891981-02-19Haymarket to Swindon Works
087901984-10-09Tyseley to Swindon Works
087911982-10-28Swindon Works to Haymarket
In convoy with 08793 and possibly others
087922005-10-22Moved to Bescot by road as part of Cardiff Canton clearout
087931982-10-28Swindon Works to Eastfield
In convoy with 08791 and possibly others
087991991-05-30Laira to Allerton
088021983-02-16Transfer in?
088041986-06-20arr donc wks 5/86 unclass, in dw 18/5/86
088071977-07-19in derby wks 7/5/77
088131981-11-04Tinsley to Swindon Works
088151984-04-20not in sw 19/8/84; out sw jul 84
088201978-05-26Swindon Works to Longsight
088231981-08-10Swindon to Crewe
Depot transfer
088251988-04-05Ex Derby Works
088261982-08-10Swindon Works to Kingmoor
088291980-12-05Toton to Swindon Works
088351992-10-30Cardiff to Kilnhurst?
088381981-09-30Allerton to Swindon Works
088401991-05-30Laira to Allerton
088421979-10-19Derby to Swindon Works
088461979-12-06Springs Branch to Swindon Works
088481982-06-06arr 03/82; out 04/82; 08/05/82 at sw; EJ loco until CF in 11/82
088561978-05-05Swindon Works to Toton
Arrived in convoy with 08153 and 08300
088581978-10-11Toton to Swindon Works
088601981-04-10Thornaby to Swindon Works
088611981-11-03Tinsley to Swindon Works
088641981-09-27Thornaby to Swindon Works
088651983-01-10Healey Mills to Swindon Works
088671980-09-15at sw 23/7/80
088681982-07-27Barrow Hill to Swindon Works
088691982-03-24Shirebrook to Swindon Works
088701979-12-12Wath to Swindon Works in sw 23/05/78
088711983-03-15Barrow Hill to Swindon Works
088721982-02-26Gateshead to Swindon Works
088741978-08-18Neville Hill to Swindon Works
088751981-03-03Neville Hill to Swindon Works
088771977-09-17Tinsley to Swindon Works
088781981-10-24Tinsley to Swindon Works
088801978-11-27Swindon Works to Tinsley
088841979-03-01Allerton to Swindon Works
088851980-01-21Allerton to Swindon Works
088871980-08-07at sw 16/6/80 23/7/80
088881985-08-02Gateshead to Swindon Works
088911979-02-02Swindon Works to Longsight
In convoy with 08893 and 08912
088931979-02-02Swindon Works to Saltley
In convoy with 08891 and 08912
0889789/90to Crewe Works - Jeff offers 01/04/90. Had 08651 but not 897 on this date. At Glos 12/3/90 and 26/3/90. at crewe wks 21/7/90
088981989-11-??Landore to Bescot
BPGV bridge strike victim, at Bescot until 1997
088991979-11-08Derby to Swindon Works
089021986-07-31arr donc wks 4/86; in dw 18/5/86 and 22/6/86
089061979-05-22Longsight to Swindon Works
089101982-07-29Kingmoor to Swindon Works
089111979-03-01Kingmoor to Swindon Works
089121979-02-02Swindon Works to Kingmoor
In convoy with 08891 and 08893
089131980-03-27in 4wk end 19/04; out may
089141979-06-25Swindon Works to Longsight
089161978-02-14Swindon Works to Allerton? at sw 12/06/77; 23/08/77; 20/01/78; not at sw 21/02/78; but there 24/04/78 and 23/05/78 and 25/10/78
Arrived Bescot ex-Swindon Works in convoy with 08492, 08737 and 08222 circa 1978-06-09
089191981-02-16Swindon Works to Saltley
089201978-05-26Swindon Works to Saltley? in sw 21/02/78 but not 24/04/78?
089221981-01-27Allerton to Swindon Works
089231979-10-22Allerton to Swindon Works
089241979-07-11Allerton to Swindon Works
089271981-09-08Crewe to Swindon Works
089281982-10-03in sw 14/09/83 General
089311980-05-02Allerton to Swindon Works
089321987-03-03Canton to Derby Works
089481986-04-05in donc wks 18/5/86 and 22/6/86
089501989-05-25Crewe Works to Canton
Believe departed behind 37142 in 9V01 Bescot - Gloucester on 30th May.
0895389/90Jeff offers 29/08/89. At Glos 9/12/89.
089552005-10-22Moved to Bescot by road as part of the Cardiff Canton clearout
090082005-10-29Moved to Bescot by road as part of the Cardiff Canton clearout
090111998-03-11Arrived by rail from Saltley on 10/03, departed by road on 11/03.
090121990-10-07Crewe Works to Selhurst
130031980-06-10Tinsley to Swindon Works
Totals by class
Class 0312
Class 061
Class 08
Class 093
Class 131