Technical info

The photos were taken with:

In most cases the Fuji film was processed by Fuji (at Leamington). The K64 was processed by Kodak of course.

The 645 transparencies were scanned using an Epson 3200 flatbed scanner and the 35mm transparencies ones with a Minolta Scan Dual III.

RAW conversion of the Canon digital images was mostly done with Adobe Camera Raw, or Canon's DPP software for a few of the earlier images taken with the G11. Post-processing of images was mostly done with various versions of Photoshop Elements.


It's been many years since it was possible to park yourself near any reasonably busy British railway line and be fairly certain that something interesting would pass by - unless multiple-units are your thing (and they're not mine). These days the good stuff is so thin on the ground that you need to know where it is. So here I should take a moment to express my thanks to various friends and acquaintances who share information when they have it, and also to the posters on various railway gen lists for their generosity. Access to good information is at least as important as cameras and software, and probably more so, when trying to take the sort of photographs found on this site. So thanks again to all who have helped, knowingly or not.