New bridge over the Walsall canal at Great Bridge
The South Staffs railway alignment running through Great Bridge. This photo was taken in August 2022 as construction work was underway on the Metro line from Wednesbury to Dudley. The camera is directly above the spot on which Eagle Crossing signalbox once stood, and is pointing south west towards Dudley. In the foreground are two bridges over the Walsall canal. To the left is the original bridge over which a connection into Great Bridge yard once ran. A plastic injection moulding company's property now stands on that site, their large green and white building can be glimpsed beyond the tree line. To the right is the new bridge, installed in May 2021 with some fanfare as the first new bridge to be installed as part of the Metro project. This bridge is one of three replacement structures taking the Metro alignment over various canals. All are of a similar design and built from concrete and metal, the latter painted black. All three have walkways along both parapets, reached from the trackbed via steps. In the background the railway goes under New Road, and a new deck was also being installed on this bridge at this time.