Trams 16 and 31 near The Hawthorns
Birmingham-bound 16 passes Wolverhampton-bound 31 at 13:19 on Friday 6th March 2015. I couldn't have placed the trams better, but had to get the camera out of the bag sharpish when I realised that the passing shot might be on (you can see approaching southbound trams for about half a mile, and northbound ones are visible as they pull into The Hawthorns station, just beyond the arch bridge). To deliberately get a shot of two trams passing you'd normally go to one of the stations where this happens routinely, and one of them would likely be stationary, thus maximising the opportunity. To get two of them as well placed as this, when both are moving, requires a lot more luck. And by this stage, when there were likely to be only two or three T69s in service each day, it was even more jammy to get a mixed pair like this.