Tram 16 at Dudley St
The last passenger-carrying run of a T69 tram. Number 16 worked several trips over the full length of the line on the morning of Friday 14th August 2015, finishing at Snow Hill around noon. It then made one final run from Snow Hill to Wednesbury Parkway carrying invited guests and the media. Here's that last run approaching Dudley St at 12:30. It passed non-stop, but was close behind an Urbos, and running fairly slowly at this point. In fact it was behind a small procession of Urbos trams, backed up behind number 33 which had incurred technical problems (a door was taped out of use when it passed me). The eagle-eyed may notice that 16 has been turned for the last couple of weeks of its life. The pantograph is at the Brum end of the vehicle, hitherto all trams ran with the pan at the Wolves end.