Tram 05 at Wednesbury Parkway
Tram 05 approaches Wednesbury Parkway with a southbound service at 11:25 on Wednesday 25th February 2015. There were only three T69s in traffic at the time this photo was taken, the others being 06 and 16. Seven Urbos were in service: 18 19 20 22 24 26 31, with 33 also out on test. The signage shows the way to reach buses, but by this stage buses no longer used the stops on Leabrook Road North, the access road to Parkway station. Instead they continued straight along the main road, saving at least a minute by avoiding the double back. A prudent decision I think, given the tiny number of people inconvenienced by the extra 100 yard walk compared with the much larger number of people on the buses whose journey was speeded up.