76037 and 76035 at Dinting
76035 and 76037 head west through a very wet Dinting in this shot which was taken circa October 1979. These were air-brake only locos. 76037 had started life as E26037 but 76035 was previously E26018 and later 76018. It was one of eight renumbered in 1976/77 when nine locos were fitted with air-brakes and multi-working equipment, the purpose being to keep the air-only locos in a single number block (76031-76039). This required six locos to swap identities (76003/036 76050/038 76048/039) while two took the numbers of locos which had been withdrawn some years previously (76018 to 76035 and 76044 to 76031). The other four air-only conversions retained their historic identities (76032/033/034/037).