76025 and 76016 at Dinting
This autumn 1979 shot shows 76025 and 76016 drawing into the Manchester platform at Godley Jct. They were about to reverse back onto the eastbound loop line (the dummy to the right of the locos is already off, and the crossover points are reversed). To the best of my recall these two were about to collect some MGR empties which were standing on the up goods loop behind the signalbox. I presume that the Class 47 visible in the distance near Hattersley station had detached from that same wagon set, but I don't really remember. What I do remember is that the 76s had come to a stand immediately behind the dummy, but had then been waved further along into the platform by the signalman (the box window is still open). Whether he did this for my benefit I can't be sure, but it certainly made it easier for me to take the photograph. Godley Junction station was renamed Godley East in 1986 when a new station was built in Godley, and it closed completely in 1995. Converted to black and white from a Kodachrome 64 transparency.