76003 at Reddish
The loco number is partly hidden by the cab handrail, but I'm fairly sure this is 76003, photographed at Reddish in the autumn of 1978. This was the original E26036, renumbered to 76036 and then 76003 when it swapped identities with the original E26003/76003. I can only date the picture because I also took shots of collision-damaged 40044 which was also on the depot at this time. Reddish was always a joy to visit, never refused there, and always plenty of 76s of course. How I wish I had my time again. Instead of rushing around to grab the loco numbers and dash off a handful of photos using the FP4 film I happened to have in my camera at the time, I'd have used K64 and photographed everything, waiting for the best light on what seems to have been a day of intermittent sunshine.