73208 and 73212 at Whitacre Jct
In the early hours of 10th August 2012 two track machines collided inside an engineer's possession near Arley on the Whitacre Jct to Nuneaton line. The damaged track machines were subsequently moved to Whitacre Junction. One of these machines, DR77002, was scheduled to be moved to the Plasser works at West Ealing in the early hours of Wednesday August 29th. Rather surprisingly GBRf used electro-diesels 73208 and 73212 for this job. The EDs worked north from Eastleigh to Whitacre Jct in the early hours of Tuesday 28th August, and stabled in the loop at Whitacre all that day. In this shot a Class 170 passes by at 12:10 while forming 1K13 11:52 New St to Leicester.