67022 at Coseley
Something of a trades description issue this, a WSMR train that didn't call at either Wrexham or Marylebone, missed a large chunk of Shropshire, and omitted Tame Bridge too. Engineering work on Sunday 13th October 2008 meant that 1P52 started from Shrewsbury at 14:01, ran via Crewe because the line through Telford was closed, was diverted via the Stour Valley calling at Galton Bridge, and terminated at Paddington rather than Marylebone. 67022 led from Crewe, with 67013 on the rear. It's seen here approaching Coseley at 15.26. The first public appearance of a WSMR driving trailer occurred on Saturday 12th October, so the routine appearance of EWS-liveried 67s on these services was just about to cease.