66747 at Leamore (Bloxwich)
66747 drifts downhill through Leamore, south of Bloxwich, at 12:54 on Saturday 30th April 2016. The train is a 1O95 Manchester Piccadilly - Bournemouth railtour, which had run via Stoke, Hixon and Colwich Jct (Norton Bridge was closed for work on the new junction there to be completed). The tour had started at Euston, with 87002 taking it to Manchester. 73109+73119 were also used later in the day. The reporting numbers used for this tour were of note. The first and last legs were 1Z94 and 1Z96, but the middle leg ran as 1O95 rather than 1Z95. That was the headcode of the Manchester - Bournemouth "Pines Express", which this tour was commemorating.