66746 at Walsall
66746 leads 4D80 Rugeley - Hotchley Hill through Walsall at 09:37 on Monday 8th July 2013. GBRf locos were once rare birds in the Walsall area, but by summer 2013 this was no longer the case. On this same day 66749 passed Walsall twice on Loughborough - Ironbridge and Ironbridge - Doncaster workings. And 66730 reached Bescot with an aborted Ironbridge - Portbury train which ran-round before returning to Ironbridge. Signal WL83 on the left controls the westbound exit from platform 2, the up slow line. This LED head was installed in spring 2013, mounted lower down than the one it replaced, presumably to improve sighting under the station canopy as trains emerge from the tunnel. It also has a position 1 feather for moves across to the up fast, rather than the theatre route indicator provided previously. When Walsall box closed in August 2013 control was passed to the WMSC at Saltley, at which point WL83 was renumbered DR6358.