66155 at Washwood Heath
Views of the yard at Washwood Heath could be a bit awkward due to the prominent lighting posts. However if a train used the right road you could lose most of them, as was the case here. 66155 draws to a stand with a Toton - Daw Mill empty coal train at 11:55 on Wednesday 31st October 2007. The yard contains the usual assortment of wagons for this period, i.e. recessed intermodal trains to the right and empty car wagons to the left. Among the car carriers are a handful of coal wagons, no doubt cripples knocked out of trains like the one 66155 is working. The 66 will run-round its train before heading east to what was then the West Midlands' last remaining pit. Daw Mill closed in February 2013 after a major underground fire.