60054 at Streetly
There's so much info around nowadays, in terms of both loco allocations and train running, that it's not often you're taken by surprise at the lineside. But that's what happened here. A trip to Streetly hadn't been very productive. RTT was also playing up, not updating running times from about 14:00, so there was no definitive info on train movements beyond random gen posts. It was perhaps only the lack of early success that made me hang on for 4G63 Bescot - Hams Hall, although we were only expecting the regular DBS 66. When a train was heard approaching at 15:20 we had no idea what it was, and it was a genuine surprise to see 60054 appear at the head of 4G63. Class 60s are not unknown on container trains, but they're pretty rare. This one was relatively easy to use a 60 on, an out and back with one driver, and no 75mph running required.