60040 at Hardwick Wood, Streetly
60040 heads past Hardwick Wood, Streetly, with 6E08 Wolverhampton - Immingham. The train is just about to enter Sutton Park in this shot, which was taken at 15:05 on Thursday 13th March 2014. Usually a very good timekeeper out of Bescot, the empty steel was running about 15 minutes late on this occasion. I must confess to some tinkering here. The sun wasn't high enough to clear the trees, which left faint shadows on the train. I've removed those shadows from the locomotive bodyside in the post-processing. It's April before the shadows fall short of the up line, on which 6E08 is running. A later visit here, in the summer of 2018, found that no shot was possible. Vegetation growth rendered the fence all but unreachable from the public side, and even if it had been possible to get near it vegetation on the railway side precluded photos in any case.