47703 at Walsall
47703 climbs away from Walsall with a 5Z31 Oxley - Chaddesden ECS on Friday 30th June 2006. I was doubly lucky to get this shot because despite the weather forecast there was a lot of cloud around at breakfast time. I had to drag myself out of bed to cover what should have been a 5Z30 Oxley - Norwich ECS. My first piece of good fortune was to have missed a message advising that 5Z30 had been cancelled, because with the cloud cover building I'd have probably given up and gone home if I had seen it. In the event 5Z30 was replaced by 5Z31, diverted to Derby so that a second loco could be attached. 5Z31 came past me at 09:26, running about 15 minutes late on the original path, and in a very lucky patch of sun (there was 95% cloud coverage).