47142 at Langley Green
47142 stands in the yard at Langley Green on Friday 14th April 1995. This was Good Friday, and the photo was taken at around 10:30. In my notebook I have this down as 6G21 Washwood Heath - Brierley Hill, although my memory suggests that what happened on this day wasn't the regular move, and that there were some engineering-related shenanigens going on. What's certain is that this is a train in two portions, which had arrived from the north and reversed into the yard. The second wagon is a phosphorus tank, and the Cargowaggons either side are barriers for that tank. The train was divided here and the loco took the first three wagons around the corner to Albright & Wilson. It then collected the remaining wagons and took them south via a run-round at Stourbridge Jct. By the look of the steel wagons they might have been going to Round Oak rather than Brierley Hill, but I'm not sure. Incidentally the Freightliner flats were stored out of use, there was no container traffic at this location. I removed a large lamp post when post-processing this shot.