37798 and 37707 at Water Orton
37798 and 37707 draw up to signal SY288 at Water Orton with a 6P07 Wilnecote - Bescot engineers train. The time is 12:47 on Sunday 16th January 2005, and I was more than a little fortunate to get this shot in the sun. The engineer's possession finished about 400 yards to the rear of this spot, just under the M42 motorway. When the train drew up there the sun had just gone behind a big black cloud. But the formalities took a couple of minutes, and SY288 was at red so the driver approached it slowly. All this meant that the sun had found another hole in the cloud by the time the locos reached me. In fact this was the third shot I managed to get off as the train drew to a stand. It consisted of 20+ fully loaded JNA wagons, and it stood here for 15 minutes before the signal came off. Incredibly, given that this was a Sunday, it was being held for two freight trains (not engineer's trains) heading towards Nuneaton. The 37s eventually departed at 13:03, arriving at Bescot at 14:20. Neither of these locos had been properly cleaned since coming off leaf spraying duties in the autumn, hence their filthy condition. In the event this turned out to be the last working for both of these locos, and they were switched off for the last time when they reached Bescot. 37798 was moved to Margam for storage shortly afterwards, while 37707 remained at Bescot until March 2011, when it was moved by road to Kingsbury scrapyard