37718 at Golds Hill
37718 climbs towards Golds Hill crossing with 6V43 Wednesbury - Margam at 09:00 on Tuesday 21st February 1989. This shot is a little mis-framed but I'm still quite fond of it. To the left is part of the forest of pylons emanating from Ocker Hill power station, and to the right are the spires of St Mary's and St Bart's churches in Wednesbury. During the late 1980s economic boom rail-borne steel traffic was particularly buoyant. Wednesbury had two trains from South Wales each weekday, in addition to a number of other services. The morning train was 6M40 from Cardiff, returning as 6V43 to Margam; and the afternoon train was 6M12 from Cardiff, returning there as 6V69.