37669 at Walsall Tasker St
37669 had just drawn to a stand in the parcels platform at Walsall Tasker St when this shot was taken at 08:48 on Monday 29th April 2002. The train is 6G30 Walsall - Bescot, which on this day was formed of two Ferrywagons, two BEAs and three Cargowaggon flats, plus Queen Mary brakevan ADS56299. The normal shunt involved drawing the train out of Midland Yard, located beyond the road bridge in the background, and then running round it while it stood alongside the platform. The train would then be hauled back into Midland Yard before being propelled the half-mile or so back into Walsall station, from where it was finally hauled back to Bescot. It was the propelling move which required the use of the brakevan on this train.