37427 at Cosford
37427 accelerates through Cosford with 7W36, the 12:36 Bescot - Sutton Bridge ballast. This picture was taken at 13:22 on Sunday 6th March 2005. The same train ran most Sundays in early 2005, firstly from Crewe and latterly from Bescot. From Sutton Bridge it proceeded into an engineers possession between Shrewsbury and Welshpool, the worksite usually being near the latter town. The usual formation of the train was Class 37, Shark brakevan, rake of loaded Seacows, Shark brakevan, and another 37 on the back (37669 here). EWS had so few 37s in traffic that the same pair were pretty much bound to appear on this train each week. The only variation was which one would be on the front. It was nice to see this train run on March 6th, as it had been cancelled the previous Sunday. The weather was good too, although a small cloud which appeared at the last second took the edge off the light at Cosford. The brakevans used on this train were DB993727 and DB993795.