37424 at Bescot
37424 trundles into Bescot at 15:12 on Wednesday 15th September 2021. 6G94 had shown no sign of leaving Basford Hall around its booked time, even though the light engine from Gresty Bridge had run. When I checked again around 13:20 it was showing as cancelled ("by the train operator") on RTT. It looked like game over, which was annoying because the weather was brightening up very nicely, and the occasional recent appearances of 37s on this train had all been under grim skies. I'm not sure why I looked again, but at 13:50 the cancellation had disappeared and the train was showing on maps waiting to leave Basford Hall. It eventually reached Bescot 96 late, with the ever improving weather making a sunlit shot more likely than it would have been had the train run to time. Slightly backlit, but a nice result in the end.