37372 at Leamore, Bloxwich
37372 heads 6G55 Bloxwich - Bescot as it accelerates through Leamore at 13:55 on Wednesday 5th November 2003. Unfortunately 2003 proved to be the last year of regular 37s on the Bloxwich trip. The EWS loco cull of early 2004, combined with a period of low traffic volume, meant that the summer of 2004 saw very few 37-hauled trains to Bloxwich. Traffic picked up in the second half of the year, but 37s became uncommon on this job, the normal motive power being a Shed. In autumn 2004 the trip was retimed to run earlier (08:30-09:00 off Bescot). This was no doubt related to the fact that the Walsall steel trip was abolished, both trips previously being part of the same diagram. By 2005 the number of EWS 37s had been reduced to single figures, with none of them based in England. Consequently appearances at Bloxwich were rare, but not unknown. The Bloxwich trip finished in 2006.