37352 at Bescot
37352 arrives at Bescot with the 7G19 trip from Coton Hill (Shrewsbury). This picture was taken at 14:20 on Monday 12th August 1988. In the late 1980s revenue earning traffic was dealt with in the down-side yards at Bescot, as is the case now. But back then there was no direct access to those yards for trains arriving from the north on the main line. Consequently trains like 7G19 had to run past the yards to Newton Jct (Tame Bridge), and then reverse into the Down Reception Sidings. The same reversing move was done by 7G80 Crewe - Bescot, which on this day reached Bescot at 15:05 behind 85012. Eventually the trailing crossover on the main line just north of Bescot Jct was replaced by a facing crossover, allowing trains like these to run straight into the Down Yard.