37096 and classmate at Wednesbury
37096 and an unidentified classmate approach Wednesbury with the 4S50 Dudley - Glasgow freightliner. This shot was taken in the summer of 1986, at which point the Dudley terminal wasn't far from closure. 4S50 was diesel-hauled to Bescot, where an electric loco took the train forward (usually a pair in its later years). The picture was taken from the unused GWR trackbed, and the track just visible bottom right leads into Wednesbury Exchange Sidings. The trailing connection from Ocker Hill power station leads off under the second loco. The power station itself is just out-of-frame to the right, but its presence explains the large number of electricity pylons in the background. Above the nearest containers is a large compound which contained some major electrical switchgear.