33202 and 33207 at Bescot
33202 and 33207 pass Bescot with 1Z36 Clapham Junction - Carlisle, the "Eden Serpent" railtour, on Saturday 8th November 1986. This was my first sighting of 207 at Bescot, but 202 had visited before, on Wednesday 7th February 1979. I can still vaguely remember that cold dull winter's day in 1979. For some reason I wasn't at work, and went to Brum on the train around lunchtime. Although I no longer have my records I do remember seeing an amazing variety of locos at Bescot that day. Representatives of all the regular classes were present, including one of every AC electric class (81-87) bar one. If I recall correctly no Class 87 appeared, which was unusual. There was definitely a Class 44 present on the regular morning train from Toton, along with the more common Peaks. But the real reason I remember this day was that both 33104 and 33202 visited Bescot, on separate workings. Plenty have appeared in pairs, but this was the only day I ever saw two appear independently.