33102 at Cheddleton
33102 arrives at Cheddleton with the 14:47 from Leek Brook Jct. This shot was taken at 14:46 on Tuesday 31st August 2004, so the train was running a few minutes early (an early start doesn't matter as passengers can't board or alight at Leek Brook). Cheddleton is on the Churnet Valley Railway, which runs over the old Oakamoor freight branch from Leek Brook at the north end to Froghall at the south. On this day 33102 and its four maroon Mk 1s was the only train in use, operating five round trips. Although it's a pleasant enough ride the railway doesn't offer many photographic opportunities, even at the stations. Cheddleton provides the best options. The railway has a couple of signalboxes and a quite a few semaphores, but on my visit none were in use, the crossing-keeper at Cheddleton using flags to indicate that trains could proceed.