205030 at Ryecroft
On Sunday 6th May 1990 there was an Open Day at Bescot. A couple of railtours ran in connection with this, one of which saw a pair of Class 205 DEMUs work a Yeovil Jct - Walsall charter. 205030 and 205032 arrived at Walsall around 12:40, and after decanting their passengers went ECS to Tyseley. This is the return Tyseley - Walsall ECS, passing Ryecroft Jct at 17:09. The return to Yeovil left Walsall around 17:40. I don't recall much fuss being made about this working at the time, but in retrospect it was a bit of a whopper. Hastings DEMUs got around a bit, both in BR days and subsequently. They famously made regular visits to Spalding for the annual flower show, and once reached as far north as Carlisle on a railtour. However the two and three-car Class 205 and 207s didn't wander far from the Southern Region. There were booked workings to Reading and Bristol from Basingstoke and Portsmouth/Salisbury respectively, and I believe they occasionally reached Cardiff on the latter axis. But I can't recall another working further north than this.