20071 and classmate at Walsall
This shot was taken in August 1986, and shows a Bescot - Toton freight passing Walsall. 20071 leads an unidentified classmate, and the lovely little consist includes withdrawn 03189, en-route from Birkenhead to Norwich. The 03 would likely have been routed via Chester, Crewe, Bescot, Toton and Whitemoor. A lot of what appears here simply doesn't exist any more, 20071 survived into the mid 1990s, before being broken up. There's every chance that its unidentified classmate suffered the same fate. I wouldn't hold out much hope for any of the wagons in the train, nor any of the cars and vans, although the car park behind platform 1 is still there. Also gone is the distinctive Boak building, destroyed by arson in July 2012, and all six of the distant tower blocks in Pleck, demolished in 2007/2008. Ironically what does survive is the humble 03, now preserved at the Ribble Steam Railway.