172339 at Stourbridge Jct
172339 arrives at Stourbridge Jct with a southbound service. This shot was taken at 16:32 on Friday 11th May 2012, at which time signal SJ87 was still controlled from Stourbridge Jct box. When off it would normally show single yellow as the signal in advance is SJ79 at Stourbridge North Jct. The latter signal, just visible in the centre distance, is approach-released for trains taking the sharp curve onto the Stourbridge Extension route to Smethwick. A green at SJ87 would only appear for a freight taking the OWW main line towards Kingswinford Jct. When Stourbridge Jct box was abolished in August 2012 its signals were taken over by the WMSC at Saltley. This was a "re-control" of the existing signals and they retained their SJ prefix. SJ87 was subsequently updated to an LED, with just one lamp positioned at the bottom of the main head, where the red lamp was.