170514 near Tame Bridge
170514 crosses the River Tame near Tame Bridge while working 2A66, the 14:42 Rugeley Trent Valley - New St. It was on time when photographed at 15:22 on Thursday 27th September 2018. West Midlands Trains took over the previous London Midland services in December 2017, and by autumn 2018 a number of their units had been reliveried. This unit carries what I gather is an interim colour scheme for trains running under the West Midlands Railway brand which don't have a long-term future with the franchise. The previous green ends have been replaced by what is usually described as orange/gold, but to me looks like a sort of light brown ochre. It works a bit better on the alternate version of the livery, applied to units that the franchise is retaining for West Midlands local services. This has a dark purple body in lieu of the much brighter silver/white base colour on this unit.