06006 at Aberdeen Ferryhill
06006 is the intended subject of this shot taken at Aberdeen Ferryhill in the mid-1970s. The other shunters are 08710 and 08515. 06006 was Ferryhill's sole Class 06 at this time, and it would move to Dundee in 1977. On my first visit to Scotland in the summer of 1974 at least two of these locos were amongst a tiny number that I remember were still carrying their pre-TOPS numbers, namely 2423 (06006) and 3677 (08515). Dunfermline Townhill was another depot slow to apply TOPS numbers. Always keen to point my camera at exotica like a Class 06, it wasn't uncommon to find them hemmed in by other locos and various depot detritus, as is the case here.