Hornby brake van and HAA
This is a Hornby brake van and HAA wagon. The bodyside handrails on Hornby brake vans differ from those on Bachmann ones. The latter have separate handrails, in plastic. The Hornby ones don't, instead the body mouldings have thin protuding ribs where the handrails go, and these ribs are painted white on the outer edge to mimic the handrail itself. Although I prefer separate detail the Hornby arrangement is surprisingly hard to spot unless you're looking for it, and it does provide a more robust solution than plastic handrails which can easily get bent out of shape, or detached, with careless handling.

Hornby HAAs also provided a surprise when I first handled one. They have (single-axle) bogies rather than the rigid arrangement of the prototype. No doubt they're designed like this to help them get round the tight curves found on model railway layouts. This one was only lightly weathered.