70003 at Washwood Heath
70003 passes the disused Washwood Heath yard at 11:10 on Monday 15th March 2010. This diagram originated at Portbury or Avonmouth, and the loaded 6Z70 working reached Rugeley via Worcester, Stourbridge and Bescot. This is the 4Z70 Rugeley - Stoke Gifford return empties, which ran-round at Bescot before proceeding via Sutton Park and Birmingham. Running loaded trains via Stourbridge, even with Class 70s at the helm, was evidently deemed unsuccessful after a couple of incidents with Class 70s getting into trouble on 6Z70 in the Stourbridge area. FLHH trains from the Bristol area to Rugeley soon reverted to the established route via Hereford and Shrewsbury, irrespective of what was hauling them.