31112 and 31420 at Hednesford
31112 and 31420 depart from Hednesford with a Bescot - Brereton ballast train. This picture was taken at 10:53 on Sunday 9th July 1995, and the train is running wrong-line in an engineer's possession. From memory the northbound train had crossed over to the southbound track at Hednesford, where 31462 and 31467 had also been attached at the rear (they're just out of sight behind the bridge). Of note was that the four 31s working this train were painted in four different liveries. 31112 was in Dutch livery, 31420 in the old Mainline livery, 31462 was in the incredibly drab plain grey, and 31467 was in BR blue. The return working passed Ryecroft at 16:17 the same afternoon, with 462+467 leading, and 420+112 trailing on the rear.