20128 and 20168 at Newton-le-Willows
20128 and 20168 approach Newton-le-Willows with a Fiddlers Ferry - Parkside coal empties. This shot was taken at 13:12 on Wednesday 8th May 1991. Parkside Colliery closed in June 1993, and Fiddlers Ferry in March 2020. The use of coal for electricity generation in Britain was nearly over by summer 2021. Only three coal-fired power stations remained at the start of the year. Drax took its remaining coal units offline in March 2021, and apparently don't expect to use them again although they'll still be available for winter 2021/22 if needed. West Burton reportedly withdrew from the capacity market for winter 2021-22, and decommissioning has been announced for September 2022, so that looks to be finished. Ratcliffe does have capacity market contracts for winter 2021/22, and no firm closure date has been announced. However there are plans to convert it to a waste incinerator supplying electricity to the grid.