Tram 31 at Bilhay Lane, Black Lake
Tram 31 was the first Midland Metro vehicle painted into a new blue livery as part of a rebranding exercise in the summer of 2018. Released to traffic on Monday 16th July it wasn't in service on the afternoon of Friday 20th July when I first had a look for it. Better luck on 22nd though, even though the thinner Sunday service requires fewer trams. Here's 31 passing Bilhay Lane, Black Lake, heading towards Brum at 16:46. The blue livery - or at least the lighter blue shade - is much preferable to white I think, but the battery pods retro-fitted on the roof of the end sections rather spoils the lines of the vehicle. When I first reviewed this shot I thought I'd made a bad misjudgement with the location. But that isn't a cast shadow on the centre of the tram, it's a patch of dark blue livery which looks like it'll appear as a shadow in any sunlit shot of these vehicles.