66089 at Hardwick Wood, Streetly
66089 heads 4L07 Burton - Felixstowe through Hardwick Wood, Streetly, at 14:41 on Thursday 13th March 2014. In recent years there were two daily container trains to Burton hauled by DBC, one from Felixstowe and one from Southampton. Both trains stopped running with effect from Monday 6th November 2017. The Southampton service appears to have been replaced by a GBRf train running to Hams Hall rather than Burton, but it's less clear what happened to the Felixstowe traffic. There was plenty of it, 4M07 and the return 4L07 were long trains, and almost invariably fully-loaded with containers. 4L07 passed Walsall twice, running via Bescot where the loco was swapped as necessary before it continued cross-country via Sutton Park.

The withdrawal of these trains resulted in three fewer freight movements through Walsall, which has gone from something of a freight hotspot to a freight desert over the last few years. Coal and intermodal traffic has been the backbone of British freight for many years, but Walsall now sees little of either, leaving only a handful of cement, aggregate and steel trains to add to the engineers traffic out of Bescot. An analysis of daytime freight for the period between 07:00 and 19:30 during the w/c Monday 13th November found a total of 60 trains over the whole week, varying from a high of 18 trains (plus 1 light engine) on Wednesday 15th to a low of 7 trains (plus 1 light engine) on Friday 17th. An average day now sees perhaps a dozen freights, or roughly one an hour on average. However they aren't evenly distributed, there's almost nothing in the morning, and what little is left is now concentrated during the afternoons.