SPA 460026 leaves Bescot for the scrapyard
In October 2017 Bescot depot started disposing of wagons. Various four-wheelers were having their wheelsets removed and then being cut in half, before being loaded onto flat-bed artics by a forklift truck. This photo was taken on the afternoon of Thursday 12th October and shows the remains of SPA 460026 leaving on the back of a lorry owned by Messrs Bowring of Mansfield. A selection of random wheelsets have been loaded into many of the wagon bodies, as seen here. Most of the earlier wagons disposed of were Coalfish of various types, including MTA, MHA and MFA. Also broken up have been OBAs and MEAs. As well as Bowring the lorries of Messrs Mason of Lapworth and Hayward of Walsall have also been noted. Amongst the individual wagons involved have been OBA 110597, MEA 39116x (presumably 391160), MTAs 395075 395396 395131, MHA 394502 and MFA 391236. At least twice that many had been dealt with by the date of this photo, but a lot were difficult to identify. Postscript: cutting of bogie aggregate hoppers commenced on Monday 16th October. On that day HLA 300709 and JHA 17704 were broken up. Six more await the same treatment, HLA 300719 being next in line.